5 Stages of Pregnancy You Never Knew Existed

Stages of Pregnancy, From a Denver Newborn Photographer


The FIVE Stages of Pregnancy

Did you know there are more than the typical 3 trimesters of pregnancy? Today I’m spilling the tea on everything you can expect from conception to the mysterious “4th trimester.”

(Fun fact: I had no idea there was a “4th trimester” until after I’d had my twins. While I did so much to prepare and take care of myself in the first three trimesters, I didn’t know to prepare and take care of myself after they were born. This is one example of a stage of pregnancy that is SO important to be informed of, but is often left out of conversation).

I’m not only going to share with you what to expect in each, but also a lot of local resources you can use as you plan for your pregnancy, newborn and birth in Denver.


First Trimester: The Secret Life of Pregnancy

The first trimester is like a secret club where only you and your growing baby are members. During these first 12 weeks, your body is working overtime to create a new life, and you might be feeling the effects (hello, morning sickness). It’s like you’re part of an exclusive group that only fellow expectant moms can truly understand.

I can remember sneaking out to my car during my lunch break to take a nap because I was SO exhausted during those first few weeks carrying my twins. Symptoms are no joke during these first few weeks, so it’s important to find some resources to help get you through.

Favorite Resources for 1st Tri:

  • Check out FloAcupuncture! Here they help with dietary changes, acupuncture treatments, and even meditation to help with morning sickness and other 1st trimester symptoms.
  • Download a pregnancy meditation app. My favorite was Expectful.
  • Stock up on crackers, bagels, and ginger drinks. If these aren’t enough to keep the nausea at bay, talk to your doctor about nausea medications.
Second Trimester: The Golden Age

For many, the second trimester is the golden age of pregnancy, where you can finally start enjoying the journey. With the nausea subsiding and the baby bump showing, it’s time to embrace the experience. Plan a fun announcement, take some fun but educational classes, buy some cute maternity clothes, and book your maternity photos (Ahem! Pick me!)

Favorite Resources for 2nd Tri:

  • Book a pregnancy announcement shoot or maternity shoot with a photographer you love. Shameless plug: I offer both!
  • Mama ‘hood in Denver has amazing breastfeeding and baby care classes!
  • Check out Preggo Leggings. They were my maternity wardrobe staple.
Third Trimester: The Home Stretch

The third trimester is when things start to get real. As you prepare for your baby’s arrival, you’ll want to make sure you have everything in place for a smooth transition. For me, my prepping had to do with the STUFF (the nursery, the clothes, the baby gadgets). What I wish I would have prepped more for, though, was the birth and postpartum process!

3rd Trimester Resources

  • I HIGHLY recommend the podcast The Birth Hour, as well as their birth course!
  • If you can, GET A DOULA! This can be a HUGE factor in having a comfortable, smooth birth. My go-to doula recommendation in Northern Colorado is Kylee Beard.
  • Consider having “Funds” as an additional giving option for your baby shower. You can create a fund for a night nanny or sleep consultant (you will thank yourself later), a newborn photographer, or even a meal train instead of gifts.
Birth: The Main Event

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: birth! Whether you’re planning a natural birth or a C-section, this stage is exciting and emotional! Being pregnant with twins, I honestly didn’t even know that it was an acceptable option to have a vaginal birth. I quickly agreed to a c-section, but I wish more than anything I would have explored my birth options more, and hired a doula to advocate for me!

If you want more details on birth, stay tuned for my next blog post, 10 Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About Giving Birth. In the meantime, make sure to check out the resources I mentioned above!


The 4th Trimester: What No One Tells You

Surprise! Your journey doesn’t end with birth. The 4th trimester is the first three months of your baby’s life, where both of you are adjusting to the world outside the womb. Postpartum rocked my world. You can’t really imagine how difficult it is to care for a helpless human (or two!) until you’re thrown into it after leaving your hospital or birth place.

Here are some things you can do to help this trimester go smoothly:

  • Attend breastfeeding/postpartum groups – most hospitals and birth centers offer these
  • Meal prep or set up a meal train during the 3rd trimester
  • Plan a rotation for family/friends if they plan to visit, so you always have extra hands around the house. Provide specific ways they can help you – trust me, they WANT to be helpful!
  • Take the time to process and share your birth story- this can help prevent postpartum anxiety and depression!

Of course, every journey is unique, and it’s okay to feel a whole range of emotions along the way. As long as you’ve got your support system and resources, you’ll be able to navigate this crazy adventure.

Thanks for reading! I hope reading 5 Stages of Pregnancy You Never Knew Existed has given you some solid ideas! If you’re still looking for a  Denver Maternity & Newborn Photographer, brose my portfolio of newborn and maternity images.

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Hey, Mama. I’m so glad you found me. Whether you’re newly pregnant, anxiously awaiting Baby’s arrival, or navigating that postpartum daze, I’ve been where you are now… and guess what? As much as I try to hold on to it, it’s slowly slipping from my memory.

When you’re in the thick of motherhood, it’s difficult to find time to pause and soak it in. I’m here to help you savor and preserve your story of motherhood- to give you a keepsake of moments that you can hold onto forever.