A Guide To Newborn Photography From a Denver Newborn Photographer

Your Newborn Photography Questions, Answered.


If you’ve been on the hunt for a newborn photographer in the Denver or Boulder area, you may be overwhelmed by the drastic range in pricing, packages, and styles you’ve found. Every newborn photographer can have their own unique way of approaching newborn photography, so it can be very confusing when you begin to do research and compare your options.

No worries, because I’m about to break down the most important things to consider in order to find a newborn photographer that is the perfect fit for you.

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The overall cost of newborn photography can vary greatly, depending on the photographer’s legal status, level of experience, training, what is included in their up-front pricing, and how they structure their packages. Here’s what you need to know

Pricing may vary depending on whether they are running a legal, professional photography business or offering photography as a side-gig.


Beware of extremely low pricing, as this could be a red flag that the photographer is not licensed or insured, or does not have the proper training.

Running a legal photography business requires education, monthly subscriptions, reliable software and technology, licenses and taxes, and more. If a newborn photographer can afford to offer very low prices, it may be because they have avoided these expenses so far. They may not have yet registered their business with the state, and they may not be insured, which is risky.  There is a caveat – some photographers have lower pricing because their business is still new(er) and/or they are building their portfolio, but they DO run a legit business! You never know until you ask!

Pricing may vary depending on the style of newborn photography


Some styles of newborn photography require more training for posing and safety than others, more equipment or props, and/or more time during the session.  For example, if a photographer offers “fine art” newborn photography with extensive wrapping and posing, these sessions can be very labor intensive and require hand-made wraps and props, in addition to professional training. This will likely be reflected in the photographer’s pricing.  Newborn lifestyle photograph, which involves more casual posing and is often done in the client’s home, can save on these expenses, but the photographer does spend time and money traveling to your door, so this may be reflected in their cost.


Pricing may vary depending on what is included in their packages or how they structure your investment


Some photographers have a lower upfront session fee, but then have a sales appointment after the session where you purchase your digital images and prints. If you hire a photographer who has this structure, just be sure to look at their print and digital packages before you hire them so you know what to budget for when it comes time to purchase these products.

Other photographers offer upfront pricing that includes all digital files and printing rights.  This is often called “all-inclusive” pricing, because there are no additional sales after the session. Often, you receive an entire gallery of digital images and you print the photos on your own or order directly the online gallery.  Some things to consider if you go this route: Are you comfortable ordering photo prints on your own or through a gallery print store? How many photos will you receive in the gallery?

Baby toes illuminated by window light captured by Denver Newborn Photographer


In addition to considering your budget and pricing options, you’ll also want to consider the style of newborn photography that best resonates with you. There are, of course, photographers who walk the line between a couple different style, but the vast majority of newborn photographers lean into one of the following styles.

Portrait or Fine Art Newborn Photography

Portrait or fine art newborn photography involves wrapping and posing the baby, often in a studio setting.  Sometimes in involves props or themes to the photos, or sometimes it can be more simplistic.  The editing for this style of photographer is typically very sharp, and you can expect smoothed skin and blemish removal.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Lifestyle newborn photography involves more casual or authentic posing (for example, the baby lying in your arms or on a bed instead of propped up in a bucket or sleeping in a basket). Photos may include the family sitting together on the couch or on a bed. Sometimes lifestyle photography is done in your own home, and sometimes it is done in a studio. Instead of a studio backdrop, you’ll likely be placed in a more home-like studio environment for a more natural feel.

Documentary Newborn Photography

Documentary newborn photography is more of a “fly on the wall” approach to newborn photos that is becoming more and more popular. It’s often done in the home. There is little to no posing or styling for this type of photography. Some clients like to wear lounge clothes or the real, authentic clothes they would wear during the newborn phase (hellooo mommy diapers!) for these sessions, but it’s not a requirement. Some documentary newborn photography can be vary raw.

It’s important to remember many photographers like to blur the line between these styles of newborn photography, or offer all of them as separate services. Personally, my newborn photography blurs the line between gently posed, in-home lifestyle newborn photography and documentary newborn photography.


I hope this helps you navigate the wide variety of options you have when pursuing a newborn photographer.  There are so many fabulous options for newborn photography in the Denver and Boulder areas. If you’d like to see more of my newborn photography, you can visit my newborn portfolio and investment page here.

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