The Perfect Setting for a Newborn Session

I serve a lot of families who have just welcomed their second baby. Their first baby was often born a few years ago. With their first baby, they may have had photos done by the hospital photographer, or often they had newborn portraits with all of the bells and whistles, sometimes literally, if it was a Christmas themed newborn shoot! For the second baby, they are often looking for something more simple and timeless.

I see more and more parents, especially second time parents, turning to in-home newborn sessions. It seems to be the trend to shift to a more authentic photography style for newborns, and in-home sessions are just simpler for the chaotic life that comes with having more than one child.

mom and dad kiss while admiring their newborn baby in their home in berthoud colorado
A newborn baby with gorgeous hair in a home in northern colorado
Parents hold their newborn baby's feet. Photo captured by a newborn photographer in Northern Colorado.

Reasons to Have an In-Home Newborn Session

1) There's no rushing to a studio. Having a newborn is enough stress. Let the photographer come to you.

2) The focus is on your baby. There aren't props and backdrops. Instead, the focus is on the details of your sweet baby in an authentic setting.

3) The shoot is a time capsule of your life at the time. You'll be able to look back and see where you lived at the time and instantly have memories in that home flood back from those days.

4) Older siblings are often more comfortable and cooperative for photos when they're at home

newborn baby in a bassinet at an in-home photography session
mom and dad cuddle newborn in their home in berthoud co
mom and dad play with toddler while newborn naps on couch

Common Hesitations

Most client's biggest concern with an in-home session is that their home may not be new, clean, or "Pinterest" like. I always encourage my clients to let go of those fears. If you have some decent windows to let in light, and you do a little decluttering here and there, the right photographer can work absolute magic, and you'll be so glad you captured these memories in YOUR home.