What to Expect

We'll make your session stunning, but we will also make it YOU.

Natural Posing

Gentle prompts, ones that inspire emotive moments with your loved ones, is the only posing we'll need. I may tell you to cuddle your youngest like you did when they were a baby while soaking in the views; or have you put your oldest on your back for a fun piggy back ride -it's as simple as that! This leads to much truer moments and emotions and tells your story better than everyone sitting up straight and looking at the camera.

Gentle Styling

We don't have put you in an earthy, flowy dress if that's not your style, but there are a few tips for styling that will take your images to the next level.

1) Try to find a piece that will add movement to the images, ideally in a fabric that will let some light through. Yes, a flowy boho dress is great, but if that's not your thing, an oversized cardigan could work just as well! Think of something that will flow in the wind while you spin around with your kiddo in your arms - you'll want a piece that moves with you for the most interest and impact.

2) Wear colors that compliment the environment, whether the environment is a scenic location or your own home. This can be tricky, but I will help you!

3) Show a little skin- kicking off your shoes and exposing your barefeet, or having your sweater hang off your shoulder can go a long way! A little bare skin here and there adds emotion and a more "raw" or natural feel to images.

Heartfelt Locations

We'll choose a location that fits you and your family best - whether that's outdoor in nature or snuggled up at home on the couch. Is your family the outdoorsy type? Let's put you all in earth tones and head for the mountains. Not so much? Then let's capture some moments in your very own home where you can be yourselves.

Gorgeous Light

We will begin your session at "golden hour" (about one hour before sunset). This will ensure that soft, glowy light that will give your photos an ethereal feel.

Video/Short Films

One other thing that sets my sessions apart - I offer a short film of your session! Your kids playing in slow motion, their laughter while they run- play these memories along to a sweet song and you will fall in love with short family films.

Pricing & Packages

Take a Hike

An outdoor family session at a stunning location of your choice

Location scouting & permit
Access to my exclusive client closet
Online gallery of appr. 50 photos
All images for download
Printing rights

$500 LOCAL / $650 Mountain

Close to Home

An in-home lifestyle maternity session

Access to my exclusive client closet
Online gallery of approximately 50 photos
All images for download
Printing rights

$400 PHOTOS / $600 PHOTOS + FILM

Family Short Film

Optional Add-On: $200

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