Hey, I'm Jess.

My interest in photography began when I found myself a new mom to twins during a pandemic. To say I needed a creative outlet/hobby is an understatement. I turned my hobby into a full fledged business in just one year, working just 2 hours per day while my twins napped. For my third full year in the industry, I'm projected to make double my previous teaching income.

As an educator turned photographer, teaching & coaching comes naturally to me. I'd love to help you reach your photography goals, whether you are just delving into the world of photography, or looking to fine-tune your skills.

Coaching & Mentorship Options

Coaching Call

Ask me anything about my shooting or editing process - I'm an open book! We'll edit some of your photos together, and I'll also share my preset with you.


Photography 101 (coming soon)

Everything you need to know to get started with photography, whether you plan to be a hobbiest or start a business.


Editing Course (coming soon)

Make your own unique mark on the industry.

Join me for a four week online course & mentorship program where I guide you in discovering, developing, and consistently delivering your own unique editing style. Payment plans available.


Customized Mentorship

A customized in-person or online mentorship for whatever your needs may be. Can include online or in person meet ups for advice, shadowing me on a shoot, or whatever else you can dream up!

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