Newborn Photography: What’s Trending in 2024

Denver Newborn Photography Trends for 2024


Love ’em or hate ’em, there are always going to be trends with photography.  Are you curious what’s trending in newborn photography? Here are some trends that I’ve noticed come our way this year.

Parents hold their baby in the nursery of their home Littleton Newborn Photographer A baby stares up at the camera during a newborn photography session in Littleton Colorado

Lounge Wear for Newborn Photos at Home

This trend makes sense to me, and I hope it’s one that sticks!

We often see mamas in maxi dresses and families dressed their best for in-home newborn sessions. While wearing dressier clothes for in-house newborn sessions can give you a nice confidence boost, some Denver mamas are opting for comfort and authenticity instead.

I’m seeing Denver mamas in matching lounge sets, or oversized sweatshirts worn with ankle socks at my in-home sessions this year. Dads are opting for tees and joggers. The benefit? They’re MUCH more comfortable during their session, and the clothing is a more authentic representation of what one might wear around the house during the newborn days.


Realism & Documentary Shoots

Bust out the postpartum diapers. No, not the ones for baby- the ones for mom! Dark circles under the eyes? Not a problem.

In an effort to show the sometimes not-so-great side of postpartum life, many photographers have led creative shoots to show the exhaustion and challenges that come along with bringing a baby into the world. I’ve seen more and more shoots depicting these realistic aspects of postpartum life lately.  Picture mama hooked up to her pump, or strutting around the house in those lovely disposable undies that you take home from the hospital.

What a fresh perspective on newborn photography! However, I will say the vast majority of these shoots are photographer-led, and I have not yet had a Denver client ask for this themselves.


A Mixed Approach to Newborn Lifestyle

Some Denver clients don’t want documentary session in their home, but they also don’t want a over-posed studio session with props or themes. They opt for something in-between the two options, like a very minimalistic, authentically-posed session in a homey studio, or  formal/wrapped photos with Baby in their own nursery. Overall, I’m seeing many requests for a blend of simplistic portrait and lifestyle newborn photography, regardless of where the session takes place.

Baby Sleeping on Dad's chest during a newborn photo session Littleton Colorado


Whether you’re a trend setter or more of a reluctant trend follower, I’ve got you covered for newborn photos! Gather some inspiration from my newborn photography portfolio, or contact me to book your own Denver newborn shoot!

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