Recommended Colors

Soft, neutral colors (pictured) are recommended for your session, as they will place the focus on you and your baby, and look best with my editing style. Soft blush tones (dusty-pinks, nude-pinks) & gray-blues / dusty blues also work well in addition to the colors you see here, if you'd prefer to incorporate blue and/or pink into your session.

Colors to avoid: Black, Navy

These colors absorb light rather than reflect it and can cast shadows on you/your baby.

Recommended Attire

(Examples can be seen on my Pinterest Board, linked at the bottom of this page.)

Mom Options
  • Oversized Sweater or T with Leggings
  • Top & jeans
  • Jumpsuit or overall
  • Maxi or midi dress

You can also go extra cozy in a matching lounge/jogger set. There really isn't a right or wrong for how formal or informal you prefer to be.

Dad Options

  • Henley with jeans or neutral pants
  • Sweater with jeans or neutral pants
  • Solid T with cozy sweats or joggers

Baby Options

  • Matching lounge/sweater set
  • Romper
  • Knotted Gown
  • Swaddle
  • An outfit you love

Client Closet

Below are dresses and swaddles you are welcome to borrow for your session. I also bring swaddles to every session- you can find the color options below.

Note: You do NOT have to wear a dress for your session. I simply have dresses in my client closet as an option for those who like them but don't want to purchase one photoshoot.

Tips for Prepping for your Session:

  • Give baby a feed right before the session, if possible. I'll text you when I'm on my way with my exact ETA.
  • Bump up the thermostat 2-3 degrees to help baby stay sleepy/calm.
  • Declutter if possible. I can also move things around as needed.
  • Open all blinds and turn off all artificial lights
  • No socks please!

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