Three Baby Products You Need for Newborn Photos

Three Baby Products I swear by as a Newborn Photographer in Denver


When it comes to newborn photos, there are a few things that you can invest in for your session that will help it go smoothly.  For my clients, I personally bring these items to every session. They are so crucial to keeping Baby calm and happy during the session that I felt they were well worth the investment.

Baby Sleeping on Dad's chest during a newborn photo session Littleton Colorado

  1. The Baby Shusher

Yep, it’s exactly as it sounds – it makes a shushing noise so you don’t have to! I know it may seem silly, but newborns really DO respond well to soft sushing sounds. The Baby Shusher is a noise machine that also specifically makes this sound, and I’ve found that almost all of my newborns respond very well to it.

2. Soft, STRETCHY swaddles

If you are having a baby or already had one, you likely have a drawer full of muslin blankets somewhere in your home.  These lightweight, breathable blankets are great for hotter weather. However, in Denver, our weather often requires something a bit thicker. More than that, muslin blankets have no stretch or give, which makes swaddling more difficult.  I prefer bamboo or jersey knit swaddles for newborn sessions because they fit snuggly around Baby and look more professional. My favorite brand for this type of swaddle is Lou Lou and Company. 

Denver newborn photographer. A Baby sleeps in his crib during a newborn photography session in Littleton, Colorado.

3. A Baby Lounger or Moses Basket

I love using these items for two reasons. First, they are a soft and safe place to set Baby in-between photos or for individual shots. Also, they are easily portable and can be moved into any room in the home to find the right light.  I sometimes take details shots of a newborn’s ears, nose, and feet while they sleep comfortably.  If you don’t happen to have a crib for your newborn, these are both great alternatives for lightly posed photos of just Baby. The Snuggle Me is one of my favorite baby loungers.

Littleton Newborn Photographer. A Baby sleeps in a crib. His parent is reaching in with his hand placed on the Baby's chest

If you’re searching for a newborn photographer for Denver, Littleton, or the general metro area, take a peek at my portfolio and decide if I’m the one for you! I bring all of the forementioned items to your session.

Newborn Photography, photo of the photographer holding her camera and smiling


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