Two parents sit next to a crib and watch their baby sleep during a newborn photoshoot in Littleton, Colorado

3 Ways to Prepare for Your Denver In-home Newborn Session

Tips From a Denver Newborn Lifestyle Photographer


In-home newborn photos are becoming more and more popular, especially along Millennial and Gen Z parents. It’s easy to understand why. In-home sessions are less posed and more authentic than studio newborn photos, and they also tell more of the story. When you look back at your newborn photos you’ll see where you brought the baby home to, and you may remember more of what life was like in your home in those early weeks with your baby, rather than only what their sweet face looked like. It makes sense!

However, for some, there is pressure in ensuring their home looks “photo-ready.” As a newborn lifestyle photographer who has done many, many in-home newborn sessions, I can ensure you there is no need to stress. Does your home have a window? Then YOU can have an -in-home newborn session. Of course, there are some things you can do to help make your photographer’s job a little easier.

Here are some tips to prepare your home for your in-home newborn session.

1) Open all window shades/curtains & turn off ALL artificial lights. We want as much light as possible, but we only want NATURAL light. The lights in your home likely will create an orange or yellow cast on the photos, so turn them off before your session. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it will save some time for when your photographer arrives. Less artificial lights will also help Baby relax!

2) Declutter – Your photographer can certainly move things around if needed, but having a blank canvas helps any artist do their best. Things like dishes on the counter may create distractions in your photos and may limit the directions and locations within your home in which your photographer can shoot.

3) Turn up the thermostat – I recommend my clients turn up their thermostat 2-3 degrees, if they can stand it. The warmer Baby is, the more likely they are to be sleepy, and therefor, more cooperative for photos.

Pretty simple, huh? These three things can help your in-home newborn lifestyle session go so much more smoothly. Your photographer will thank you!

Still looking for an in-home newborn photographer? You can find examples of my work and investment information here.

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A mother holds her newborn baby in her lap during an in-home newborn lifestyle photo session in Denver, Colorado

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