4 Things Your Denver In-home Newborn Photographer Wants You to Know

Let’s Talk In-home Newborn Sessions

Do you have an in-home newborn session coming up? Maybe you’re thinking about hiring an in-home newborn photographer, but you have some hesitations. Here are some things to know, coming from someone who has photographed well over 200 in-home sessions.


1. Don’t stress out about having your home spotless. Trust me, I get it!

Listen, I’m a mom myself, and I KNOW my home was a wreck those first few weeks after we got home from the hospital. Of course it’s helpful to declutter and pick up loose items, but just know that if you don’t get around to cleaning, I’m not judging. I’m happy to help clear the nightstands or pick up some toys off the floor. If something will be a distraction in the photos, we’ll take care of it. A little dust on your shelves isn’t going to ruin your photos, so save your sanity and just do what you can.

2. If Grandma or Grandpa is in town, they get some photos with Baby, too.

Grandparents and other relatives who come to help you in those early weeks are truly life savers. If they happen to be there during your session, then of course I’m going to reward their helpfulness with some photos with the baby. So pack something cute, Aunty. You get a photo, too!

A newborn wearing a cozy hat sleeps on his mother's chest.

3. Turn off your lights and crank up the heat

Ok, just bump it up a couple of degrees. In my experience, baby’s are calmer and sleepier (and therefore, a little more cooperative for photos) when the house is tad toasty. I don’t want you to have a heat stroke, but do heat your house a couple of degrees warmer than usual, if you can stand it. Baby will likely be much more sleepy and easy to pose in your arms if your home is warm. Here’s a great article about safe sleeping temperatures for Baby.

Lights – I know this one seems counterintuitive, but turn off lamps, TVs, and overhead lights. I’ll be using just natural light from the windows for your session.


4. I truly enjoy myself at each and every session, and I’m grateful to be welcomed into your home

In-home sessions just fill my bucket in every way. I genuinely love spending time with growing families. There’s something so intimate and special about the first few weeks/months with a new baby, and I’m grateful to be a small part of that.

If you’re interested in my newborn photography, you can check out my work here.

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Hey, Mama. I’m so glad you found me. Whether you’re newly pregnant, anxiously awaiting Baby’s arrival, or navigating that postpartum daze, I’ve been where you are now… and guess what? As much as I try to hold on to it, it’s slowly slipping from my memory.

When you’re in the thick of motherhood, it’s difficult to find time to pause and soak it in. I’m here to help you savor and preserve your story of motherhood- to give you a keepsake of moments that you can hold onto forever.