A family sits on a bed together and cuddles their newborn during an in-home newborn photoshoot in Denver, Colorado.

How to find the Best Spaces in the Home for a Photoshoot

Advice From Your Denver In-home Newborn Photographer


So, You’re planning for in-home newborn photos…

Don’t stress – I’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to consider about your home to ensure the best photos from your in-home session.


Believe it or not, the first thing I look for in a home when I’m trying to decide what rooms to shoot in is NOT the decor or what the background of the image will be. LIGHT is what I consider first.

Rooms with multiple windows and ample natural light will give me more freedom to turn my subjects in a variety of directions. If the room happens to have lighter colored walls- even better! Light colored walls will bounce the natural light and make the room brighter and a bit easier to shoot in.

If your favorite room happens to be darker or only have one window, not to worry! This light is more directional, so your photographer will just need to use light a little more strategically or use lighting support. This can create a really beautiful, moody effect which will add variety to your images.



I’m guessing this one also came as a surprise. Lines can be used to create beautiful images, so if you happen to have archways or other interesting architecture in your home, it’s the perfect place for taking a unique photo and using your homes features to draw the eye to you! Stairs are an example of a unique space for photos that often have many leading lines to work with.



Look for rooms that tell a story. For newborn shoots, this is typically the nursery, which has baby items like a crib to utilize in your images. However, there are many unexpected places that can also tell a story. Your living room where your family gathers, or your master bedroom that has acted as “headquarters” during the newborn phase are also important spaces to remember in order to tell your full story.



The last thing (yes, the LAST thing) I consider in a room is the background of the image. Rooms with clean, clutter free backgrounds work best for images. Your home does NOT have to be styled to perfection, so don’t let that hold you back from scheduling an in-home newborn session. The right camera settings and angles can enhance any backdrop, and in my opinion, the light, lines, and story of a room are far more important.


I hoped this gave you some inspiration on how to use your home for newborn photos. If you’re looking for an in-home newborn photographer, please check out my newborn portfolio and pricing information.

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